" Yeah - We made it! " What a feeling, after four weeks in the South Seas at one the world’s largest orienteering race – the first ever in 20-feet rigid inflatable speedboats. Within a stretch of almost 1000 nautical miles between Tonga and Samoa, 326 locations waited for us to be discovered. Each of the 16 teams from all over the world pursued its own strategy with the goal to find as much location markers as possible and to reach them before the competing teams. Optimal organization in the team was the prerequisite for the victory, as much as a reliable, well waited boat and a precise chart and satellite navigation. Constant urge and drive over 13 competition days were needed in order not to lose the pace, especially during unfortunate situations of which no team remained spared.
My Teammate Judith Koller and I happily finished 10th on the overall ranking.
Unfortunately, THE CAMEL TROPHY BRAND NO LONGER EXISTS! The Trophy to TONGA and SAMOA in the year 2000 was the last one! The amazing websites like http::/ and http::// are shot down and thousands of great pics and hundreds of reports and great gadgets are no longer available. For official picture-cd of Prescout, Cabo Verde, and the Trophy itself, as well as VHS-Video tapes, please contact
Exclusive Personal Reports
Swiss TV Companies like SFDRS, TV3 and Telebärn have broadcasted their own reports several times. I have some Videotapes available. Radio Suisse Romande broadcasted a report as well. There have been countless reports all over the world on this last Camel Trophy. Some press articles, I could manage to get hold of, are still to be scanned...(sorry!)
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Padi Jeannerat - 17.10.2006