The mission of three friends of mine and myself was to raise funds for the construction of an elementary school for nomad children in the Tibetan Highlands. As if there was not enough challenge to this, we decided to cross the Himalayan Mountains with our fully-packed bicycles. After 11 weeks in beautiful but tough outdoors, having pedaled 3394km and over 30’000 meters of ascents over countless passes, we finally arrived at our destination with a collection of roughly 30’000 US Dollars for charity.
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We have prepared an inspiring multimedia show and I would be delighted to present it at any kind of occasion. We can also provide high-end slide projectors from Leica and a large 3X4m screen for the ultimate experience! Feel free to contact me for a FREE VHS DEMO-TAPE or any further information:
Thanks to 3 shows in St.Gallen and 3 Shows in Nidau near Biel, we had more than 600 people seeing the show up to now and we collected even more money for charity! More information on those shows:
Radio Jura Bernois RJB, 3.9.03: Annonce 12h -  Annonce 18h - offline since 18.10.2006
Abschlussbericht der 3 Diashows in Nidau
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Padi Jeannerat - 14.10.2003