FULDA CHALLENGE 2002 Extreme Arctic Adventure
Yukon & Northwest Territories, Canada

2'000 km of ice and snow roads in an 8 days long competition against three German teams, two Austrian teams, as well as each one English, Italian, Dutch and Canadian Team. My Teammate, Swiss Ski Star Kathrin Neuenschwander, and I did all to keep up the reputation of the Swiss Adventurers. The contest included numerous special events like skiing, skidooing, snowshoeing, ATV-ing, dogsledding, ice-climbing, and ski-joring. We were provided with a Lexus RX300, tents and special thermal clothing to ensure that we would survive the harsh temperatures as low as 50 Grad Centigrade unharmed. The Swiss Team finished 4th overall.
There was lots of exciting Press and TV Coverage in Europe and Canada. This page only contains a small selection of the reports.
You can get a little impression about the competition through my picture gallery (pictures are all by Thomas Hulliger)
...find publications on the official fulda challenge websites (see links below)
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Padi Jeannerat - 17.10.2006
Great Thanks to  
for skis, goggles, poles and warm socks...